Electrical fires represent 40% of fire loss insurance costs in industry and 20% of large scale fire incidents. Accidents are commonly caused by loose connections, weakening of isolations, obstructed cooling and mechanical damage. Thermal Imaging can pinpoint overheating and provides a way of detecting overcurrent faults and poor connections.

The requirement to adequately and routinely assess electrical performance and compliance is never more present than in the working environment. The unseen hazards associated with electrical failure, fault or degradation can present risks to health and the environment leading to loss of efficiency, accident, injury or fire.

Thermal Imaging is a non-invasive in-depth survey serving to thoroughly assess and identify unseen areas of possible risk, danger or inadequacy in your electrical system.

Thermal Imaging works by comparing the temperature rise of the fault with the correctly operating component, under the same loading conditions the severity of the problem can be determined.


  • No downtime while conducting the Thermal Imaging survey as can be done during normal operating conditions.
  • A safe non-contact measurement tool, uncovering faults quickly and accurately.
  • Can help planning which items require maintenance as priority.
  • Can be used as part of an annual planned maintenance programme.
  • Avoid potential risks, damage or fire through increase in temperature rise.
  • Help to extend your equipment’s life.

Using a thermal imaging camera, our thermographer will examine and photograph your electrical system and a professional analysis and report will be produced using a colour thermograph and digital photo to confirm the specific location of the fault or potential risk. This report will also highlight temperature rise and the severity of the problem and the probable cause of the fault and our professional recommendations to resolve the issue.

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